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Ritual for Dry skin

Ritual for Dry skin

Gives the moisture boost your skins need

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Do you feel your skin a bit flaky and rough ? Then you have a dry skin. Dry skin lacks moisture and lipids - i.e. fats. It is therefore less elastic. it is tight and, in many cases, tends to itch.

Dry skin is as a result of lack of oil production. It reacts to environmental influences in particular by becoming irritated. With special care creams, you can restore its moisture stores and strengthen your skin's protective barriers. Its best you get products that are extra moisturizing.

    How to identify Dry Skin

    - It's quite pale in colour
    - Can look Flaky in places
    - Feels uneven in texture
    - Fine lines around eyes and mouth

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    Our skincare ritual for Dry Skin contains :