What is a face toner and why you should use one ?

Toning the face is a fundamental step in the skin care routine. However, we are not always very clear why it is important or what its functions are.

This is a shame because... the facial toner is a classic! It is part of even the simplest routine.

Today we share with you what a facial toner is and what are the best reasons for you to use it. And why you shouldn't forget it!

What is a facial toner?

A face toner is a cosmetic product that fulfills many functions: it gives the skin extra hydration and helps remove impurities and dead cells that remain on the surface of the skin.

When you tone your skin, you prepare it to absorb the rest of the treatment products more effectively. The skin is a complex organism and needs to be well prepared to better absorb the products that we apply to it.

Generally, within facial toners, you will find ingredients such as rose water, chamomile, tea tree oil, and aloe vera, among others.

What does face toner is for : 

A better question would be... What does face toner is not for?

  • A good toner hydrates and refreshes your skin, stimulates its defense mechanisms and reduces the size of your pores. Having a liquid consistency, it facilitates rapid absorption into the skin.
  • It is the necessary complement to rebalance the pH after having cleaned your skin. Helps relieve the tight feeling left behind after cleansing and leaves skin feeling soft.
  • The toner removes traces of makeup, impurities and dirt that are trapped in the pores and that your cleanser usually cannot remove.
  • In addition, it helps you maintain your natural hydration level, helping to nourish your skin.
  • And if that were not enough... one of its most important functions is to prepare the skin so that it absorbs and makes the most of the products that come after: the serum and the moisturizer.

How to use a face toner ?

To have an healthy skin, you should follow 4 basic steps : 

  1. Cleanse your face

  2. Use a toner

  3. Apply serum

  4. Hydrate your skin.

Think of toner as the transitional step between cleansing and moisturizing:

  • Always apply it after cleansing your face — and after removing make-up and exfoliating, if you do.
  • Put a quantity of product with the help of a cotton pad and let it absorb, avoiding contact with the eyes. Wait a few moments for it to dry, and your skin will be ready for the next steps.

Feel. Tip: Use toner within 1-2 minutes of cleansing for best results.

What type of skin benefits from a face toner ? 

  • If you put on makeup a toner helps to remove any traces that your cleanser has not managed to do and thus eliminates the accumulation of dirt in the pores that generate pimples and blackheads.
  • If you have acne a toner helps eliminate impurities that can harm your skin and cleanse your pores.
  • If you have dry skin a toner helps increase your skin's water retention capacity and its moisture level, achieving a healthier appearance.
  • If you have sensitive skin a toner helps improve the health of your skin and strengthen its immunity against environmental conditions such as pollution, cold or heat.

Which face toner do you recommend ? 

At Feel. we have developed two Toners : 

  • Hydrating Toner

Our Hydrating Toner is recommended for dehydrated, dry, mature skin but is also suitable for normal skin. It hydrates and helps to maintain the natural skin pH to leave your skin radiant and feeling comfortable after cleansing. Infused with Rose Water and Hyaluronic Acid for additional moisture.

  • Purifying Toner

Our Purifying Toner is recommended for oily and combination oily + skin but is also suitable for normal skin. This multi-purpose toner - removes excess impurities and sebum, helps to clear pores of dirt, maintain the natural skin pH level and moisturises the skin. 

Consistency is essential, as in all cosmetic products. Once the habit has been incorporated, you will notice the effects produced by the facial toner: you will see how the general appearance of your skin improves, the size of your pores will have decreased and you will feel more nourished.

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